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I speak to a lot of business owners.

Some are happy just where they are – ticking over, getting enough new business through referrals and word of mouth to provide them with a nice, comfortable lifestyle.

They actually don’t want the “hassle” of more customers and more staff.

Maybe I’m describing you here… and if I am, I salute you!

But this offer is not for you.

Maybe instead you want a business that’s thriving, growing. Able to provide jobs for the local community. Able to provide abundance for your family and opportunities for your children.

And, most importantly, able to put your fantastic product or service into the hands of more people whose own life or business will be improved as a result of them having the opportunity to work with you…

Then you no doubt already know that online marketing and a strong online presence are essential if you are to have any hope of achieving your goals.
Perhaps you already feel that your online presence is pretty good, but you’re always on the hunt for more? You know your competitors aren’t standing still, so neither will you.

Then in that case, this offer IS for you.

But knowing WHY you need to do and knowing HOW to do it successfully are not the same thing at all.

Google Ads, Facebook Groups, Messenger Marketing, LinkedIn Premium, 24×7 Tweets, Blogs, Instagram, DMs, Bing (is that still a thing?), Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, blah…

Confusing? Overwhelming? Time consuming?

All of the above?

The funny thing is, in the hunt for the ‘next big thing’ way of generating new leads online, most businesses I speak to have overlooked or not correctly executed the one of the oldest and best strategies that exists to get new customers to your business using online means.

This strategy generates globally around 3.5 billion searches EACH DAY. To put that into perspective, if it takes only 10 seconds to perform a single search, it would take one person 1,109 YEARS to do the work of a single 24 hours of searching on this one platform!

This strategy avoids the issue of online ads, whereby if you stop paying for traffic you stop getting new business.

On the contrary, this strategy actually uses your business website and turns it into a true asset that generates a return for your business month after month after month, even if you stop paying to make the strategy work.

By now, I’m sure you have guessed that what we are talking about here is getting search engine traffic to your business. The above 3.5 billion example was, of course, Google. This is also known as SEM – Search Engine Marketing – and SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

So why is this strategy not used more often and more effectively?

In my view, there are two reasons.

Firstly, it used to be really easy. You’d decide what search terms you wanted to rank for and then you’d proceed to stuff as many of them into your website as possible. Regardless of the fact it made the website horrible to read, it was nevertheless a really simple way to get people to your site. And from there, converting them to customers is simply a numbers game, aided by website optimisation.

But those days are long gone.

Google will now penalise you for such tactics. These days, it’s more about user experience, relevance and authority. These things are much more difficult to do cost effectively and quickly unless you know how.

The second reason I find business owners have tended to overlook SEM is this: NOISE.

As I mentioned above, there are so many things vying for our attention as ways to grow our businesses, that quite often it’s a case of ‘shiny object syndrome’ – what’s that new must-have ‘secret’ that’s out today to help get ahead.

Here’s the thing though…

When you take me up on the no-cost, no obligation offer below to get the insider’s view of how the best performing competitors in your local area are raking in the customers with just their website, I think you’ll have a moment of real clarity about how best to grow your business using the web.

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